Fost Obsession 9m Without Captain


Naxos Deep Blue Rib Cruises offers a variety of rental options for rib boats, whether you require a captain or not.

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  • Group Size Medium Group
All about the Fost Obsession 9m Without Captain.

With the swift and secure travel provided by a rib boat, you can reach your intended destination with ease. Our team will transport the boat of your choosing to your location, ensuring that it is thoroughly inspected and fueled. It is important to note that if you opt to rent a rib boat without a captain, you must possess a valid speedboat license. Enjoy the enchanting power of the sea in one of our fast and reliable rib boats. To reserve your preferred rib boat, please book now. Our Rib Boat Specs include a 9-meter length, a 400hp engine, and the capacity to carry 8-10 individuals, all powered by Yamaha 300.