Traditional Wine tasting and tour


We offer you the chance to explore our farm and facilities, taking a leisurely walk through our olive garden, vineyard, and variety of aromatic herbs.

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All about the Traditional Wine tasting and tour.

As we approach a 9th-century church, its grandeur will leave you speechless. Standing in front of this monument, we can transport ourselves and our spirits back in time, immersing ourselves in history and tradition.

Our next stop on the tour is an almost 100-year-old Cycladic establishment that houses our winery. Here, you can learn about the modern methods and traditional knowledge used to make wine, as well as the equipment and machinery necessary to produce a delicious and flourishing wine.

The highlight of the tour is a tasting of 6-9 different types of wine, including white, rose, dry red, semi-sweet, and our pride and joy, natural sweet red and white wine made from sundried grapes. Local snacks from our organic garden, such as regional cheeses, tomatoes, olives, and more, accompany the wines and transport you to a happy place.

Additionally, a video showcasing the behind-the-scenes production process of each wine and a conversation with our experts will enlighten you about everything from the farm to your glass, creating a memory of this day that will last forever.