Trail #3 – A Mountain of a Greek God


The Mountain of Zeus (Zas in local Greek argo) holds the status of the highest mountain in the Greek Cyclades.

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All about the Trail #3 – A Mountain of a Greek God.

The highest mountain in the Greek Cyclades, locally known as Zas (1004m), is famously associated with Greek mythology’s god of the sky and king of the Olympian gods – Zeus – as it was believed to be his birthplace. The hiking trail commences from the charming Agia Marina church, where an ancient Greek inscription reading “Mount of Zeus, Protector of the Sheep” (ΟΡΟΣ ΔΙΟΣ ΜΗΛΩΣΙΟΥ) is encountered while ascending the path. The route heads towards the west, revealing the landscape’s division by high stone walls, which serve as a traditional means of marking property lines. As the path gradually inclines towards the summit, it turns to the southeast, becoming increasingly rocky in the last hundred meters. Once atop, visitors can enjoy a panoramic 360-degree view of the Aegean Sea and the neighboring islands near Naxos. If the weather permits, one might be lucky enough to glimpse the distant Santorini island.

The tour package inclusions and exclusions at a glance
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  • Certified Hike Leader and english speaker
  • First aid kit
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  • map
  • transfer (soon will be available)
  • Photos of the trip
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  • Clothing and other equipment will not be included