Best Sellers of 2016

Our collection of the most popular adventures in 2016.

9 hours 30 minutes

Sailing tour from Naxos in the Cyclades

Enjoy a sailing adventure with our fully inclusive semi-private day sailing tours. Our skipper and hostess will be committed to your enjoyment and satisfaction throughout the day.

2 hours 30 minutes

Sunset cruises from Naxos

Enjoy a nice swim in Santa Maria bay in Paros before having some champagne while watching the sun hiding behind the horizon line.


Most recently added tours that are trending today.

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Naxian food and the 5 senses


Embark on a sensory odyssey through the vibrant landscapes of Naxos, where the allure of nature and the richness of local products converge in a harmonious dance. Our experience is a playful and immersive journey, inviting you to connect with…

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Private dining in the olive grove


If you are looking for a unique, unforgettable experience to enrich your holidays, then this is made for you! Welcome to a secluded haven within the embrace of Naxos Island's old olive grove, where gastronomy meets nature in an intimate…

from 120100

Workshops tours are a popular way for people to combine their love for travel and learning. These tours provide travelers with an opportunity to learn new skills, engage in creative…

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