Fost Twister 5.35 Without Captain


At Naxos Deep Blue Rib Cruises, you can rent a rib boat with or without a captain.

  • Experience Style
  • Group Size Small Group
All about the Fost Twister 5.35 Without Captain.

Naxos Deep Blue Rib Cruises offers you the option to rent a rib boat with or without a captain, allowing you to swiftly and securely travel to your preferred destination. Our team delivers the boat of your choice fully checked and bunkered directly to your destination. Please note that a valid speedboat license is required to rent a rib boat without a captain. Experience the enchanting sea in a fast and secure rib boat with us. Book your desired rib boat today and discover our impressive specifications: LENGTH: 5.35m, ENGINE: 115hp, CAPACITY: 5 persons, Yamaha 100hp Μodel 2021.